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About kr-motorsports

Crowded race tracks, non-homogenous participants, down time caused by on/off groups and sub-par logistics are a few of the negative aspects of the track days we have personally experienced. We wanted to improve this experience significantly by organizing our events in a more bespoke manner with like-minded participants to have a great time on and off the track.


For this reason we have founded kr-motorsports in 2012 and have been organizing arround six exclusive events every year on Europe’s most attractive race tracks



Roger Kurzen (founder/CEO kr-motorsports GmbH)

  • International FIA Race licence C
  • DMSB Permit Nordschleife Category A
  • VLN and 24h race experience


We wish you a terrific track day experience

See you soon & keep racing


Roger Kurzen



See you soon & keep racing!

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